A Lifetime of Character
Begins This Summer

You’re going to ask someone to spend 8 or 9 hours a day with your kids this summer; don’t let that time go to waste!

Traditional TaeKwon-Do of Lutz is a community of friendly people based on the principles of Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control and the formation of an Indomitable Spirit. These are the ideals that the Traditional Taekwondo we teach are grounded in.

This summer, when you drop off your children in the morning, they’ll spend their day learning these values – not wasting time glued to a screen. They’ll have fun exercising, building character, learning about how to stay safe and sharpening new skills!

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    Here’s What Our Parents and Kids are Saying:

    “After several years at a local "belt factory" my husband and I decided to move our kids to Traditional Taekwondo Center of Lutz. This meant having both of our kids start completely over in the belt system. Though it was a challenging decision, all of us, including our kids couldn't be happier with our choice to move. Since the transition, our children's growth and development has been phenomenal. Instructor Evan's dedication and commitment to the individual development of his students has been a complete game changer for our children. Our children are flourishing under his instruction and learning that hard work and dedication are the only way to advance in a martial arts and in life. Traditional Taekwondo Center of Lutz provides great traditional values and exceptional instruction.”

    Sarah Johnson Zdanowicz October 25, 2017

    “Kyosah-Nim Evan has all the quals to lead you or your child(ren) in Martial Arts. He is a dynamic, friendly and skilled martial artist, hey don't be fooled for his childish face, he has a long experience teaching and is excellent with children. I had the pleasure having him teaching in my school and I can vouch him as a highly qualify instructor.”

    Rafael Coutin October 25, 2017

    “The REAL Traditional TaeKwon-Do Center of Lutz. Kyosah-nim Evan's school is a part of the Traditional TaeKwon-Do Centers System under the leadership of Gerhard Brunner. The Traditional TaeKwon-Do Centers have over 25 years of experience in Florida and over 40 years of experience internationally. If you want to learn REAL Traditional TaeKwon-Do, this is the place to go.”

    Lucas Welch October 25, 2017